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We said hello to 2016 year a few days ago. In 2015, a lot famous person who was politician, singer, historian or artist passed away from among us. We memoriliaze respectfully them. The famous names are here..


He was one of the most famous writer in Turkish Literature. He died in february.  The famous writer which died in 92 years old are like as everyone. His death news mentioned not onlyin our country but also all European Media. His works are really worth to be read.


In May 2015,  we had felt sad since he leftfrom among us. He suffered from liver disease. So he couldn’t bear anymore. And unfourtanetely, he died. All the world burst into tears with his death.  The most saddest one was Metin Akpınar.


You know him with comic scenes. I do, also. He was one of the doyen actor in the Turkish Theatres. The actor who took part in Tv with Olacak O Kadar programme died in 12 October. He was really succesfull actor…


In Turkey, when someone says ‘music’ , he is the first name which comes to mind. Kayahan was loved by most people.  His songs are listened by most people, as well. Unluckily,we lost him in April, 2015.


She was one of the memorable singer of Turkish Classical Music.  She departed his life in 97 years old. You can recall with her ‘Benzemez Kimse Sana’ song.


He is the 7th president of Turkish Republic. Kenan Evren was duty on General Staff in TSK.  He was a person who got reaction most of zone. He died in 2015, too.


He had his name written letters of gold to Turkish Sport.  With the success in most tournament, Sinan Şamil Sam who represented well our country in the box sport lost his life in treated hospital in 30 October.

This was all I was about to say, thanks for your interest 🙂

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